Kathy Miedema-Ray

Accounting, Logistics

209.648.1306 - Kathy

Lykele Miedema, P.A.S

Miedema Inc, President & CEO

209.349.1228 - Lykele

Miedema, Inc.

LM Dairy Consulting

Modesto CA USA

Miedema, Inc | LM Dairy Consulting  |   a Strategic Feed Management co  |  209.349.1228 or 209.648.1306  |  Based in Modesto CA

Offering Various Almond Hulls, Shells & Mixes; Ground & Rolled Corn; Multi-Line Hay Grades; Canola Products; Custom Heifer Mixes;

Human Grade Bakery Mix; Non GMO and Organics. Minerals, Oils and Nutritional Guidance. 30+ Years Experience.

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