Lykele has 30+ years of dairy industry experience.

He offers a broad based knowledge stream of management, nutrition, profit maximizing and commodity acquisition.

With his dedication and commitment to exceptional service, he can provide your company with the up-to-date pricing & quality testing.

As a current ARPAS member, this certification confirms you are working with a registered professional animal scientist.

His expertise in contract negotiations will give you peace of mind knowing Miedema Inc is working on your best interest. Our goal is to excel in professionalism, while allowing our methods to prove that working with LMDC offers you an

"Ease of Doing Business" Attitude!

Call or text Lykele at 209.349.1228

About Lykele

About Kathy

Miedema, Inc | LM Dairy Consulting  |   a Strategic Feed Management co  |  209.349.1228 or 209.648.1306  |  Based in Modesto CA

Offering Various Almond Hulls, Shells & Mixes; Ground & Rolled Corn; Multi-Line Hay Grades; Canola Products; Custom Heifer Mixes;

Human Grade Bakery Mix; Non GMO and Organics. Minerals, Oils and Nutritional Guidance. 30+ Years Experience.

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We LOVE adventure, Sailing, Cycling, Traveling and of course visiting our 6 Pake-zissors!!

About both of us

Kathy is the support 1/2 of the Miedema Inc Team.

With decades of sales and customer service, she is your

point of contact for all things back-office.

With her dedication to numbers, she will ensure that

your loads, contracts, accounts and payments are correct.

Kathy also assists Lykele in the Logistics and Operational

functions of your orders and shipments.

Call or text kathy at 209.648.1306